Wednesday, 27 October 2010

a random memory

hmm hajat hati kan mempost gambar lunch td di lemongrass @kb p sayang seribu kali sayang..ntah kemana tia tuju nya tym ku ken mentransfer td ke pc becoz im tired i pun mls nak carik hehehe.. here whats going on today:-

today is the last day of my colleague working with us..hmm a bit of frustrating and sad but all the best for u my fren..*name shud not be mention here*

lunch bersama makan di lemongrass hmm sodap..nice..

then kami disuruh memilih warna cat dinding opis coz soon there will be a renovation...hmm at first i suggest blue color named "relax' but since the carpe is blue in color so i change it into peach something lah..

apart from that im still waiting to a new carreer..not becos i dun like that job,i do but need a secure n permanent job!!! hehehe that all..

p/s: what a week waste by having a sore throat... hehe