Tuesday, 19 October 2010


oh HTC DESIRE Z.. y? y? Y? Y?!!!! i noe the normal price shud be around bnd800 but how come one of the "online-shopping" di brunei ani luan memcekik darah sampai 400 ke 500 extra!!! geram aku ni..

i noe i have the budget to buy it but is it worth it to buy the 1.3k handphone ops smartphone while it just a phone?? hahahaha sanggup plg ku membali tuh.. ganya pasti ada yang mengata n marah hahahaha i noe its my money hahahaha

how ever i am thinking either to buy at the end of this month(oct) or to buy it end of next month or end of the year??? fuh.. by the time i hope my saving nda bgarak2 ahahha tau tah diri ani kan beblanja saja hahahaha

nway.. here the pict of the desirable phone of mine, enjoy:-