Monday, 24 November 2008

Subject: You know you are Bruneian !!!

1.      You 'miss call' instead of calling or sending sms.
2.      You always say "kapih ku.. bila terima/keluar
gaji/overtime/elaun ah?"
3.      You park your car as close as possible to your destination
4.      You speak Malaysia if you meet Malaysian, speak Indonesia if
you meet Indonesian.. and so on.
5.      You are asked to go to a "meeting" but actually you will only
be "listening". *true*
6.      You go to someones wedding, you give money using an envelope
and put your name on it or if you think you don't give enough you use
a blank envelope. *true*
7.      Indo mee is your staple food and Ayamku is your fast food. *true*
8.      The term 'balik kampung' is almost not applicable.. since you
can 'balik kampung' everyday.
9.      Motorcycles and bicycles are not your transport, they are your
sport. *true*
10.  When you see local TV camera around you during the day, then at
night you will watch local news... and hoping to see yourself on
television. *true*
11.  You drive your car on wavy and potholed road. *true*
12.  You receive official news faster by mean of "mouth" than by
"written". *true*
13.  You like electronic products from Japan.
14.  If you have the chance to call a radio show and before you are
asked to hang-up, you say 'boleh minta putarkan lagu?'
15.  You are in BIG debts and refuse to pay the lenders and yet still
drive a CLK and live in a mansion.
16.  You wear baju kurung with large katoks and maniks all over.
17.  You are loud and speak in melandih way.
18.  You and the whole family have the same car plate numbers.
19.  You spend your $$$$$ on your wedding even though you are broke. *true*
20.  You become Akademi Fantasia fanatics. *true*
21.  You know most of the people here - "eh si anak si anu eh saudara
si blabla". *true*
22.  You drive to the shop next door even though the shop is only 100
meters away (except maybe in Kampung Ayer). 
23.  Every year, since the 80s until last year, you don't want not to
miss HM's Birthday Titah (because you are hoping that HM will increase
your salary). *true*
24.  When you want to get some service from the government agencies,
you will find your saudara first. *true*
25.  If something goes wrong, you will say that one of the datos,
pehins is your relative (or at least they know you).
26.  You cannot live without Brudirect's HYS.
27.  You give you children super long name.
28.  You rush to a new shopping mall just to beat everybody else even
though it's just another Hua Ho.
29.  You wave your hand while driving to other drivers that you know. *true*
30.  You are able to pay (or not) for one or two amahs who are most
likely an Indonesian or a Filipino.
31.  You are OK to be fat. *true*
32.  You are a busy body with other peoples' news, especially the bad
ones, and you think your responsibility is to know and to spread it
33.  Your friends get married on the same day and you don't know who
to go to. *true*
34.  You like to stare at phones for 24 hours and chat on MSN. *true*
35.  You say "Mun paham bisai" (this needs no further explanation) . *true*
36.  You have to wear 'cool' attire everywhere, even on holidays. *definitely true*
37.  You add "BUI" on each sentence.
38.  You think exercising, being hyper active, competition are for
little kids.
39.  You can't type or spell properly properly, example "hw r u? hy my
nme s si org brnui"
40.  You add "me & you" on your conversations with your girl
41.  You listen to Pelangi FM. *true*
42.  You think fake Von Dutch products are the best.
43.  You are especially racist to Indian workers.
44.  You would rather go to shopping malls than hanging out at parks,
having a picnic with your friends.
45.  You have 'candas' in your house. *true*
46.  You read this article because all your friends are reading it
and you don't want to be left behind.
47.  You rush to get a $99 handphone not caring about the limited
features coz you think anything cheap is a bargain.
48.  You have two handphones - one for DST and the other for BMobile
(for one month and then switch off one or the other).
49.  You always try to negotiate/"runding" the policemen who caught you speeding. *true*
50. your job will be a teacher once you are graduate.
51. once ends 5 form u prefer to be a soldier.

*how bruneian are you?? me-21 out of 51. not even half, so im not pure bruneian hahaha.