Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A Perfect Hair Style.

"Tiada Rambutku, Hilanglah Gaya Penampilan ku."

"Rambut ku, Penyeri Gaya Hidupku."

"Perfect Hair Style, Give Perfect Confidence"

"A Perfect Hair Do, Leads To Lovely Day"

Those are the slogans that across over my head while thinking how my hair going to look like 
cause I'm try to save my hair from getting cut (let my hair grow long). and yet, i don't know which hair style I'm going to chose. below i attach some sample of hair style that i like but which one is the best for me??? *still thinking* and i hope my hair grow fast because can't wait to see how do i look in long hair... *he he  :-)*

*berambut panjang buleh jua prasan jadi iklan shampoo, jgn mare* LOL~