Tuesday, 18 November 2008

so bored yet i have to..

..hmm searching the starting word is a bit difficult for me..

anyway, even though I'm in revision week but my head is not in a mood to revise what i have to revise. so to disappear my boredom i watch DVD and play some PS2 game. DVD part its OK for me but PS2 game part, I'm not good at all.. can you believe this?? i had been beaten by 7 yrs old cousin in takken 3 game. great!! (I'm embarrasses myself here) *who care* yet i just play that game to fulfill my "revision" time and yet I'm still bored. huh! *wonder how they like PS2 so much* here some of DVD that i watched and game that i played. 

you tell me how bored i 'am.. CEH~