Thursday, 30 October 2008

the worst day of my life

On 28th of October 2008, it is the worst day ever I had experience. During the day, I screwed up my test answering technique which makes me lost about 40% mark. With only little hope on the MCQ to get a correct answer. Fuh!! I pray to Allah to give me at least 80% of my MCQ answer to be all correct.


And on that afternoon, I felt down from my own chair during the lecture, all of my classmate laugh at me.. So embarrassing you know, however I cover it up by saying that “I didn’t know that I’m heavy until I fall down from this chair, huh,, I better reconsider my diet programmed again”  then people laugh at me again, so do I.


At that night, when I went to apartment (where I currently live), the apartment was locked up.(well I didn’t have the key cause it was at my friend) so I call them asking where are they at that moment, I heard they told me to just stay where I was. (I thought they will go home soon) but then after 20minutes waiting, my phone rang; they ask me where I was. So I told them that I’m at the door. I felt strange cause 20 mins ago they told me to stay and now they told me that they at restaurant near by the apartment. So I told them that I go there.


Once in the restaurant, (after I order cold water) I open my notebook to access the internet for doing some research. While enjoying the water and the internet, I accidentally spill off my water to my keyboard notebook, at first I thought it just a few drop of water (so no worry lah) then I wipe it use tissue. And continue my googling, suddenly, the “o” button appears from nowhere on my screen. The ‘o’ keeps display until I turn off the notebook. Then I switch it on back the ‘o’ button did not work.. gasp!! What the h377!! 

And I close my notebook again until my friend finished eat.


On the home, datang tia mental ku!!! Stereeessss!! Atu ya, mendengar radio nyaring2!! Nda ku peduli apa my friends cakap. Dah sampai pat apartment, laptop ku buka lagi (konon baik lah udah ni) sekalinya masih lagi nda mau…esh!!! Sasak ku eh.. nda batah atu ku bagitau kawan ku ani aku keluar,


Keluar ku banar eh (dalam kul 9 mlm kali). I take a long, long walk from the apartment (which in batu satu) until I reach at the ‘arca’ = monument yang ada di kawasan telanai. Hilangkan sress.. dah sampai sana duduk ku sekajap pas atu baliklah ku sambil menari2 (hilang dah stress tu) , dah sampai ke apartment rupa-rupanya kul 11 mlm!! then ku check g laptop ku, Alhamdulillah ok jua udah. Mun alum ok nda ku tebuat huruf o yang ada dalam blog ani. Hhaha


Nda membari banci kan tu, huh dunia dunia..