Wednesday, 29 October 2008


My name is Hanif Jafri. This is my digital memoir which I 

can critics and comments on/to what, who that I don’t like (well mostly). But don’t think all of the contains of this blog is NEGATIVE, it also consist the life of a young bachelor whose suffer the pains of reality (whose kindness being repaid by inhumanly severe), whose being “jealoused” by his being drop-dead gorgeous, whose eyes are conspicuous, whose smile will melts everyone’s heart, for all men in this world are not munificent, compassionate, amorous and yet he is full of charisma, confidence to move the life forward.    - Starring Hanif Jafri


You are welcome to view and comments on this modest memoir of mine. Neither bashfulness nor reverence should not exist in your comments as for me; myself and I are flexible being. Any opinions from my dear viewers are welcome as I am willing to accept with a warmhearted as for me; myself and I are unbiased.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I also include pictures of event activities.