Tuesday, 13 January 2009

doing nothing in freetime

Now, every one has started their school and lecture whether in primary or tertiary, but at ITB the lecture won't start until 27th Jan.. huh while waiting for lecturer opss.. This semester I’m having attachment at WIZ Network at jaya square, (can’t wait) 2 more weeks to go, huh by this couple of weeks I’m totally broke already, fuh.. What am I going to do next???? Other than keep my body mass increase *great, now I am totally FAT* sits at my chair in my room watching the laptop’s screen, waiting somebody to chat with me, being single now is much more desperate to do something not that I want to have girlfriend or boyfriend opzz hahaha but I love being single for now. Arggghhh!!!!~ I just finished my brother’s friend assignment about Brunei’s History and Geography,, (I getting paid yoo) in fact I have to refresh all the old stuff of Brunei again and again argghh so lame.. What I did just some general stuff (I hope it worth for HIM) since they were at Gurkha Reserve mostly are “not-well educated” I’m not saying that they are stupid or whatsoever it just they head not into study mood and may be they done well at something that I weak at, *who knows*. Next thing to do is the weddings album.. arg,,, I now its simple and I had started do this since dec 2008 but since the photo I had is insufficient so I had to delay for a month.. fuh and by the time I had the resource, my laziness get over me.hahhaa now for how long I gonna delay the project again hahaha. Hope this couple of weeks can make my life happily ever after apakan…mumbling nda tantu pasal. hehehe