Sunday, 11 January 2009


Years ago, I had a crush with someone,

Someone who has beautiful eyes and sweet smile

Every time I look that smile and the eyes,

It makes me feel warmness and safe

So I decided to confront but

The smile and the eyes makes my tongue froze

So I take few steps backward and

Just like I needed, that someone take few steps forward

“Am I that lucky” said my mind

So I go with the flow…

Since that moment,

I felt like dance in the air,

Not only the eyes, the smile

But I can smell the fragrance too.

Every day just like a heaven to me,


As time goes by,

I couldn’t see the smile and the eyes nor

Smelt the fragrance any more.

My life drown to frustration

Questions keep buzzing in my head,

“Do I see that smile and the eyes again?”

Well, every question need an answers, but

The answer to my question is belong

To the owner of the sweet smile and beautiful eyes

Until now the question still not answered.

Until now I miss those eyes, smile and fragrance.


To that someone:

Will you ever let me hug you?

Can you keep me feel the same as I look into that lovely eyes?

And answer my question?

Most importantly will I ever see you again?