Thursday, 11 December 2008



As a friend, I discovered my personality.
To be a good friend or a bad one,
To become likable and at the same time hate-able.
Passionate or mean, I can be both.
I like being honcho but I don't mind doing the work.
I love making people laugh but
I'm a serious guy inside.
I'm strong outside.
Don't be fooled, I'm fragile inside.

A question rise,
Can I change myself to become my best?
I'm creating myself to become my best.


I'm proud of what I have.
I envy what you had achieved.
Being as caring as i can be,
To become a person everyone expects.
Hey! I can be cruel too.
I like to share what I know with everyone.
The fact is I'm secretive.
Thanks for the compliments, I want critics too.
There comes a time when I enjoy the crowd.
Yet being alone is my preference

Tonight I gaze into the night sky,
full of stars unlike usual,
hoping I can find the true me.
Searching for who I am ...What I am.

I looked at myself in the mirror,
asking myself what and who I am.
What had I done?
I evaluate myself for my rights and wrongs.


Then I recognize that I deserve to be

Good or bad,

Likable or hate-able,

Passionate or mean,

Honcho or vise versa,

Funny or serious,

Strong or fragile,

Caring or cruel,

Jealous or not,

Sharing or secretive,

Complimented or critiqued

In crowd or alone,

It just my personality …

Finally I decided.
Don't mind what other thinks.
You are who you want to be.
Be the best you can be.

I also come to realize, I couldn't judge myself.
It is YOU who can judge me and accept me for who i am and what i am.


Created by HANIF

Edited by FITRI