Monday, 1 December 2008


I've been tagged by Izzul. *well actually ia tagged everyone plg ,since aku nda kna tag n jealous sal kn every blog ada ani hehe so aku prasan kna tagged lah*  Thanks anyway bro. The rules are simple. Use the google image to search the answer to the question below. Then you must choose a picture only from the first page *well aku edit lah cikit2*. After that tag 10 people...

1. The age of my next birthday

2. A place i'd like to travel

3. A favourite place

4. A favourite thing

5. A favourite food

6. A favourite colour

7. The city i live in

8. The city i was born

9. A nick name i had

10. College major

11. Name of first (and only) lover

13. A hobby

14. Current wish list (max 3 items)

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