Monday, 23 August 2010

confession no. 1

Here the things that I need to clarify. There were 3 of us renting a house at 100km away and 1 hr journey from my house. One of us is the new guy who never been met and talk to during my HND program and the other is my course-mate.

I was like yeay!! At least I can be independent, away from home stress etc. even though the new home is not like the environment that I usually face...The brightness of the street lamp, the crowded in the expo or even the sound of car racing during the middle of the night, it sounds peaceful here and i kind like it here. although sometime I miss the noise, the traffic jammed, sound of the brotherhood fighting, seeing my old friends in the shop but that not the point.

Changing into new area for me, it okay, it give me a chance to learn how to live without depending to your parent or brother or sister...Here at new home i can try a lot of cooking style that I’ve learn from my parent and from the cooking show *oh gosh i should take chef course rather than engineering*. Secondly I can decorate *well not entire house* to what I think suitable for us. hehe. Thirdly being independent is more difficult than what it seems being expected.. hahaha

This new house come with no color, it kind likes AREA 51 here dull, empty and boring.. It all depends on 3 of us to make the house alive!!! We have to make ourselves become "family" to each other seems we only have each other here. Hmm even though it just 100km away from real home but it affect a little bit the daily routine and kidding..

Moral of the story is:-

try to earn some happiness without "Mr. money do the talking" and not to wait the happy time to come to u. go find some happy time and bright the house even with a little smile *not the sarcastic one*. Bring the happy aura not the hates one. Even u didn’t talk or smile, the happy aura will make the house alive. Cheerio amigos

Second story...hmm to be continue i guess... hehehe