Monday, 23 November 2009

Apologies to my coursemates

I know, the title sound like i had so something bad to them but well i have difficulty to admit my own mistake so i just to declare here due to my behaviour about couple things..u know who u are..

well im publishing this not because i can't say it in front of u guys..or afraid and anything that similar to that. it just that i know if i say it in front of u couple (well i think i told u already in joke) u will be my mouth nowadays very to the max lasernya.. so macam i can directly sakiti sapa saja yang aku mau at that time, at the same place and whatsoever..

first, i feel very-very annoyed to the very maximum when forming the course mate into a group then in the group u guys dating to one another and do the couple always do in front of me..then when ask are u dating and the answer is "no" or denying. seriously guys.. i totally can't help it. so i give u two choices :-1. stop doing the couple thingy in front of me. or 2. u guys want me to say it in front of u with not in a proper manner which is might get ur feeling to the maximum in bloody hell hurt.

second things..i know this is totally ridiculous. i don't like from friends to be a special friends which is everyday u see, talk, joke and share and learn the same course bla bla bla.. yet in the end will something bullshit happen ta da da..da..da..da.. and nda betagur bla bla bla.. in not into the group lg.. ada paham??

so stop it before i stop u... don't try me cause i'll do it. i will do it and not for the sake of friendship but for the sake of my feeling. ok

and if u guys really fall in love do it at least not in front of me and do not make me wait for u guys.. okey and be yourself as before okey..done (sapa tau phm2 sja lahn if baik hati sampaikan)