Friday, 6 February 2009

Finally GPS is working!!

first of all, i like to say that since my attachment been started, aku tu dah dberi satu assignment for the jabatan perancang bandar and desa. about something imagery... hehe *senses sikit* then after that kan aku kna bg lg ops kan pinjamkan satu device called GPS receiver (GPSr). then from that moment my life been ALOT in MISREBLE!!!!! and i balik2 dah GIVE UP on that things.

bkn nya apa i must try to connect the GPSr to my laptop and need some map to make it function very well!!!...fuh for 2 WEEKS man!!! and finally it works!! then i try to test my GSPr dgn keluar dr opis ke jalan raya macam ORG GILA mundar mandir..hahahah then FINALLY IT WORKING!!!!! oh YESH!!! I AM GOOD AT IT HAHAHAHAH.... CONGRATULATION TO ME!!! ceh ahahahhaahaha